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Varin Automation Private Limited was founded to reduce the country’s import of electronics products.

Welcome to Varin Automation Pvt Ltd – where excellence meets innovation. As a leading company, we pride ourselves on a dynamic work culture that encourages creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning. Join us in shaping the future, as we value your skills and dedication. Explore rewarding career opportunities with us today!



Diversity in our organisation improves performance but also creates positive friction that enhances deliberation and upends conformity.


Respect at workplace increases motivation and productivity among employees. It helps to maintain the discipline of an organization, and also employees perceive that they are treated equally without any discrimination.


Organizational transparency is the practice of sharing information regarding the organization’s operations to its people with the intent to create clarity, trust, and accountability.


Organizational integrity refers to the ethical integrity of the individual actors, the ethical quality of their interaction, and the dominating norms, activities, decision-making procedures, and results within a given organization.

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High Demand

Career growth and advancement

Impactful work

Technological innovation

Cross-industry applications


High demand

The demand for automation professionals is expected to grow in the coming years as more industries adopt automation technology to improve efficiency and productivity. This could mean more job opportunities and job security for those working in the field.

Career growth and advancement

The automation industry offers opportunities for career growth and advancement as professionals gain experience and expertise in the field. They may be able to take on more challenging projects, manage teams, or become experts in a specific area of automation technology.

Impactful work

Automation technology has the potential to transform how businesses operate, and those working in the field can have a direct impact on improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing productivity for their clients. This can be a rewarding and fulfilling aspect of working in the automation industry.

Technological innovation

The automation industry is constantly evolving, and those working in the field can be at the forefront of new technological innovations. They may be able to work with cutting-edge technology and be involved in developing new automation solutions to address industry challenges.

Cross-industry applications

Automation technology is used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, finance, and transportation. This means that those working in the automation industry can gain exposure to different industries and applications, making their work diverse and interesting.